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Watchdog timer WDT Base

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Watchdog timer WDT Base Prices*:
from 1 pcs. – $60
from 10 pcs. – $50
* The VAT is not assessed
  • USB connection
  • Rebooting your PC in case of failure of the program or operating system
  • Solid state relay with full galvanic isolation and reverse polarity protection to control an external device (GPRS modem)
  • Software to set up and monitor the Internet connection
  • Ability to recover the software module without restarting the PC

Our watchdog timers are designed to keep your computers/PC running continuously. Especially those that are unattended or in remote locations such as kiosks, servers, security, video surveillance, or medical systems. At some point, if you need to keep a computer running 24/7, it will eventually lockup or malfunction due to some of the following reasons:

  • The hardware will be frozen (typically from a power glitch);
  • The operating system will crash (BSOD);
  • A video or other device driver malfunctions;
  • Custom application program stops or crashes.

Our products are designed to recognize this event and reset the computer, just the same as if the reset button was pushed.

The software comes with a watchdog timer, can perform the following functions:

  • Set up an Internet connection via modem;
  • Monitoring the state of the Internet connection through a survey of a given set of servers;
  • If there is no connection for a specified time interval or impossible to establish the Internet connection – shutdown and subsequent power on GPRS-modem connected through a relay watchdog;
  • Tracking the state of a given program, restart the program when it fails;
  • Record of received events in the log file.

Mark some benefits of adding the WDT Base to your computer:

  • Prevent loss of sales due to locked up PC;
  • Save costs of dispatching a tech to remote locations to reset/reboot frozen PC;
  • Improve the uptime of test, measurement and surveillance type systems;
  • Keep your customers being glad with reduced downtime.

The watchdog can be integrated with third-party software. May be given information exchange protocol with the device for this purpose.

Technical characteristics

Supply Voltage (from port USB) 5 V (4.5…5.25 V)
Supply Current 60 mA max
Maximum Input Voltage of solid state relay 24 V
Maximum Direct Current via solid state relay 1 A
Voltage Drop on a solid state relay 0.5 V max (current 0.25 A)
Ambient temperature -20 … +65 ºС
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